A nomad at heart, I never quite follow the traditional path. I navigate life through the guidance of my intuitive GPS, picking up lessons and trainings along the way. I studied documentary filmmaking at UT Austin, radio storytelling in Tel Aviv, Reiki and meditation in Thailand, Bodytalk in Singapore, and Pranic Healing in Miami. I now embody the role of passionate birth doula, while pursuing a master's degree at Columbia University's Spirituality Mind Body Institute (SMBI) with a concentration in Reproductive & Maternal Well-being.

As a meditation instructor and intuitive energy healer, I am equipped with a toolkit full of dynamic practices to guide and mentor others on a personal path to empowerment. Whether guiding new parents through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience, or teaching workshops on intuitive decision-making, I am driven by a mission to ignite both peace and power in the hearts of others.


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